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Opting for cost consultancy and project management services ensure the smoothest possible running of your project. Of course, these services come into their own when your project is on site, and we are able to relieve some of the stress that a building project will inevitably entail. But when considered right at the beginning of your project, even before designs have started, these services have the best chance to make the most difference to your build.

Our project management service allows us to manage and coordinate all contracts which would normally fall under the main construction contract.  This has the benefit of allowing you greater control over the quality and cost of key packages – a high quality kitchen for example, or a specialist glazing package – rather than having these packages managed by your contractor. It also provides greater programme certainty, as long lead orders can be managed early in the process. Our overarching project delivery strategy together with a detailed project programme and procurement strategy will ensure we have our eyes on the detail of your project from the very beginning.

Our cost consultancy service, which works best in conjunction with our project management services, gives you peace of mind that project budgeting, estimating and cost control are all being expertly managed throughout your project. Detailed planning and tracking of all project costs throughout your project, from beginning to end, providing you with visibility and control of costs throughout.